Why do you need our jump starter?

Why you should always have a jump starter in your car?

1 Save money on roadside assistance.

People used roadside assistance might complain the service is pricey and slow. The service generally costs you over $200 and it only offer in specific areas. You could not get one if you are in the middle of your road trip far away from cities.

Owning a jump starter could help you fix your car in a much economical and quick way. With only a simple press of button, your car will back to life in seconds.

2 Jump start your car by yourself without waiting others come.

The old way to jump-start a car is by using a booster cable. However, this is not a handy way as you need to rely on other drivers to help you. Sometimes people may pass by your car without waiting or if you are in a middle of nowhere you may need to wait forever. Especially in winter, car battery drain quicker than you thought and road service become busy during this season. AUTOGEN Jump Starter could easily help you out from this awkward situation.

3 Charge your mobile and laptops on the go.

This jump starter is multifunction which can be used to charge your mobile phone and laptop. You could use it as a portable phone charger, taking it with you anywhere. There is no more annoying than a dead phone in your road trip. AUTOGEN Jump Starter is always your powerbank.

4 Enjoy a powerful LED flash light.

AUTOGEN Jump Starter comes with a strong LED flashlight. You could use it in the dark when you camping at night.

5 Help other drivers.

Last but not least, with a portable jump starter in your car, you can help those in need. Stuck on the road because of a dead car battery is always frustrating and inconvenient so get that portable jump starter out and help a fellow driver in need. Recommend a reliable portable jump starter to them!

Which model to choose?

Depends on the type and size of the engine

Vehicles with big engines have bigger batteries. Diesel engines require larger batteries than gas engines. Thus, these vehicles need more powerful jump starters.

We recommend:

10000A Jump Starter for ALL Gasoline & 15L Diesel Engines

4500A Jump Starter for 10.0L+ Gasoline & Diesel

4000A Jump Starter for 10.0L+ Gasoline & Diesel

3000A Jump Starter for Up to 10.0L Gasoline & Diesel

2600A Jump Starter for Up to 10.0L Gasoline & Diesel

2500A Jump Starter for Up to 8.0L Gas & Diesel Engines

1500A Jump Starter for 8.0L Gas & 6.0L Diesel Engines