FAQs Air Compressor

1 Does the CQB-115 model plug into the cigarette lighter or does it have a cable that connects to the battery terminals?

The tire inflator, model CQB-11S, can plug into the cigarette lighter. Also, a power cable with battery clamps comes in the package, you can connect the car compressor to the car battery for charging.


2 What are the increments for pre-setting the pressure? Half pound? Pound? 5 Pounds?

The increment for pre-setting the pressure is half pound when selecting PSI. Hope it helps.


3 Does the CQB-115 model have a warranty? if so, how long, what's covered?

We provide a one-year warranty for our products, and if there is a quality problem that is not artificially damaged, please contact us via service@autogentech.com, we will provide you with 100% satisfaction service.


4 How many watts and Amps is this rated for? I only have a 10Amp socket in my vehicle

The rated power is 120W and the rated current is 10A. The tire inflator, model TBG-13S, can plug into the cigarette lighter.